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Virtualization Expo on Ulitzer If you haven’t yet downloaded the  BIG-IP LTM VE trial, I highly suggest you do.  It is a fully-functional LTM, rate-limited to 1Mbps throughput.  If you’re not familiar with virtualized environments, hopefully this blog will fill in some blanks for how to get started on the network front. Getting Started Before downloading your VE image, you need to choose what virtualization environment you’re installing into.  The supported options in the type 1 hypervisor are VMWare ESX version 4 and ESXi version 4.  For the type 2 hypervisor (requiring a host OS such as linux or Microsoft Windows) the supported option is VMWare Workstation 7, which offers a 30-day free trial that I recommend you give a shot, or for those with experience on VMWare player, that also will suffice if you are at version 3.  Note, however, that VMWare player is not supp... (more)

Changing the BIG-IP Default Syslog-NG Facilities

DevCentral community member geffr had a problem. The BIG-IP Application Security Manager module logs to the local3 facility but he needs to send them to the local7 facility on a remote server. Before giving up entirely, he posted to this thread in the Monitoring & Management group forum, where user nitass helped him jump through the syslog-ng hoops (click here for tips & tricks on syslog-ng) to the working solution posted below. It’s pretty straight forward. Define a template, a filter, and a destination, and then put the pieces together in a log statement. b syslog include '" ... (more)

v.10: WebAccelerator Enhancements

The BIG-IP WebAccelerator joins ranks with the Local Traffic Manager and the Global Traffic Manager as modules that received some major upgrades with version 10.  Not familiar with the WebAccelerator?  Affectionately called WA in these parts, the WebAccelerator is "an advanced Web application delivery solution that provides a series of intelligent technologies that overcome performance issues involving browsers, Web application platforms, and WAN latency."  That's straight from the glossy, I couldn't say it any better than that.  The DevCentral team has been filming a documentary... (more)

The Wait Is Over: Edit Your iRules on Linux!

DevCentral has many rock star contributors.  Most are not affiliated officially with F5 Networks, or DevCentral for that matter, but there are several F5ers who believe in the community, and really believe in the F5 story.  One of those F5ers is Matt Cauthorn, or as you know him in the community, L4L7.  You may recognize Matt as the author of pyControl.  Well, not only did he provide this entrance to a better iControl experience, he has also delivered in a major way with his Vim plugin for editing iRules (utilizing pyControl of course to make those calls to BIG-IP).  I had toyed ... (more)

Live from Microsoft Tech Ed: Day Two

It was a little crazy, ok? Just thought I’d start by answering the obvious question, “What happened to Day One?”  I lost the trackball in my blackberry and it’s really hard to use without that.  I can navigate a little, but some things I just haven’t been able to get to.  I wanted to tweet up the event, but alas, my technology has failed me.  But I digress… Tech Ed is my first official show with F5, so I was a little concerned about representing the company well and providing value to the conversations with passersby.  Turns out, there’s no rocket science to this.  If you believe ... (more)